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Quality politics

Hotel Neptuno Playa Valencia, S.L.

HOTEL NEPTUNO’s highest priority is to offer the best quality in the services it provides to its customers and in the products it offers them. The company understands that one of the fundamental elements of its Quality Policy is compliance with the demands, expectations and level of quality that its customers expect, as well as compliance with the regulatory requirements in this regard.

The management of the Hotel Neptuno is committed to the development and implementation of the Quality Management System and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness, guiding it to meet the requirements of the client and other interested parties to achieve their satisfaction.

The management of Hotel Neptuno has defined the following policy and general objectives

• The satisfaction of customers and other interested parties, defining a work system based on processes that ensure compliance with their needs and specifications, thus guaranteeing stable relationships that ensure the future of the company.

• Provide each of our professionals with all the necessary means so that they can carry out their task with the greatest efficiency and satisfaction, since our staff is the driving force behind the quality of our service.

• Establish a system for the periodic review of the implemented quality system, as well as for the application of corrective measures in the event of non-compliance detected.
• Define and periodically review the objectives and goals established within the process of continuous improvement of our performance and communicate them.
• Disseminate the established policy among employees, suppliers, subcontractors, other interested parties and any person who requests it, being available both in our facilities and on our website.
• Maintain open communication with the public and other interested parties.

General objectives:

• Leadership. Management must drive the entire organization to comply with its policies and objectives, creating a favorable climate for all staff to get involved in achieving objectives and continuous improvement.
• Customer focus. Our organization depends on customers and our highest priority must be focused on understanding their needs and expectations in order to satisfy their requirements.
• Staff participation. It is necessary to promote the participation of all people and take advantage of their full potential for the benefit of the organization and for the benefit of their personal development.
• Approach based on processes. All our activities must be aimed at improving our work processes without creating organizational barriers. All company processes are related and must be managed seeking effectiveness and efficiency.
• Approach based on objective data. We must analyze all data and information to improve our performance.
• Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and subcontractors. We depend heavily on our suppliers and subcontractors, therefore we must establish long-term relationships to improve the capacity of both.
• Continuous improvement. This is a permanent objective of our company, since it guarantees us the future.

This policy and general objectives inspire the operation of our company and are periodically reviewed by management, in addition to authorizing the quality manager to be ultimately responsible for the implementation and verification of compliance with the quality management system, for which , attributes the necessary authority and independence within the organization of the company.

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